The 2023 Top Operators Report reviews the most important trends that emerged in 2022, and how these will shape the business landscape in 2024-2025.

Included in this report:
  • How operators invested cash flows in 2022 and where they could invest in 2023-2024
  • The need to invest in new reserves and production to take advantage of new growth opportunities
  • Efforts to diversify markets to access higher value sales points
  • Current supply costs and what is driving cost inflation
  • Growing capital investment in ESG

To sort through these challenges, we are leveraging the experience of professional services firm KPMG in Canada to provide insight into the direction the industry is headed and what strategies operators could pursue to thrive in a rapidly shifting environment. Data analysts from Evaluate Energy are providing context to the stream of information coming from corporate financial reporting and other relevant documents. Subsurface and operational data from geoLOGIC systems provides further context on activity throughout the WCSB and where it is headed.

We hope the 2023 Top Operators report provides some context to how the industry has been transformed the last five years and generates conversation on what comes next. You can download this report by filling out the form on the right.