A new White Paper offers essential guidance to producers and oilfield service providers on leveraging subsurface data and business intelligence tools to drive operational efficiency and identify new business. Published by geoLOGIC systems ltd. and the Daily Oil Bulletin.


It’s the question every oil and gas executive is asking...How can their organization create value in an age of low and volatile commodity pricing, tight capital markets, and investor caution?

Operating companies are navigating market uncertainty through capital discipline, cutting costs and increasing productivity. Focus is tightening on core assets and high grading drilling targets, improving drilling and completions technologies and optimizing field productivity. Many low-cost operators have been consolidating assets shed by competitors. 

Oilfield service companies are facing even greater demands to adapt. Their addressable markets continue to decline as the exploration and development sector consolidates and operators exploit only the most productive assets. Pricing pressure from customers is forcing technological innovation as is the increasingly competitive landscape. To survive and prosper, service companies must identify business opportunities quickly and deliver significant productivity gains to customers.  

Essential to this is access to relevant, accurate, comparable, trusted and timely data that can be analyzed and visualized to deliver actionable business insights, repeatedly as and when new data becomes available. 

Key insights

Value creation for many executives relies on all company data and intelligence tools delivered via secure yet accessible platforms that enable data integration and collaboration. 

This White Paper was developed to help industry leadership, geoscience specialists, engineering professionals, business analysts and other data users gain a deeper insight into:  

  • Current and future data usage trends within oil and gas; 
  • How data is being used within workflows to drive decision making; 
  • Opportunities to create value by leveraging data and business intelligence tools; and  
  • How transitioning to cloud-based computing can drive future efficiencies. 

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